The meeting is developed with aim to open the debate on e-learning and using OER in the youth work, during the meeting the participants will share and analyse existing practices in their countries but also worldwide. They will especially focus on identifying the obstacles preventing youth workers, leaders, educators to fully apply e-learning and OER in their practices. The participants will look for new ways of encouraging young people to use e-learning and OER and they will also reflect on the ways how in this project the participants of mobility and dissemination activities will use e-learning and OER.

  DAY 2













Arriving of the participants Opening of the Meeting

Overview of the project
E- Learning and OER in Youth Practices

Participants will focus on the key terms of the project and create project vocabulary to ensure that they share the same understanding.


E- Learning and OER in Partner’s Organizations –

Working in Improvement of Current Practices

During the days participants will work in various intercultural teams. They will present the findings from yesterday’s session and firstly brainstorm ideas how to address the situation. After brainstorming they will work on ideas to improve the situation and practices.

E-Learning and OER in the Project Activities

Main aim of the days will be to reflect on using/applying e-learning and OER in the project in relation to increasing the capacities of the participants of mobility and dissemination activities. The participants will work on creating a plan of applying E-learning and OER in the project practice.

Presentation of the Plan for Applying E-Learning and OER in the Project, Reflection on the Plan, Adjustment of the Plan Based on the Feedback

Arriving of the participants Review of Project Flow/Activities

Participants Expectations Regarding the Programme and Activities

Getting to Know Each Other Activities Working in Multicultural

Settings: Team Building Activities and Discussion on the Principles of Work in Intercultural Settings

E- Learning and OER in Partner’s Organizations

Analysing Current Situation

Participants will work in national team and analyse current situation in their organizations by using SWOT and other tools.


Final Evaluation

Participants will take part in series of activities given them an opportunity to reflect on development of their competencies and project itself.



Getting to Know Each Other Activities

  Evaluation of the Day Evaluation of the Day Mid-term Evaluation Evaluation of the Day

For more pictures of this activity follow this link.

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