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Media Tool: Facebook

Facebook is the primary social network for communication and spreading the word about your business, services, products. You can promote by writing posts, publishing photos and videos.

On Facebook you can make a personal profile, but also a Page for your company, product or services. Another thing are Groups. In Groups you are able to gather your business partners, clients, employees so they can exchange their experiences. It is also possible to make an event and spread the word about your plans, promotions, publications.

In today’s business it is hard to imagine not having a Facebook Page for your business because it is the best way of free promotion among large audience. Of course the amount of people you can reach for free is limited so there is an option for a paid commercial.

In paid commercials you can choose what kind of reach you want to do. Either in geographical, age, gender categories. For a small amount of money, eg 5$, you can reach up to 25000 people.

Facebook also has it’s Messenger where users can send messages and also have regular and video calls for free.



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