Training Course – A3 Less opportunities + media tools = better opportunities Young People From Six Countries Gathered to Learn About Media Tools in Katerini, Greece

35 youth workers from May 25 to 2nd of June, united on the third activity of the project Less opportunities + media tools =
better opportunities in Katerini, Greece.
This training coursehad three key parts. First part provided the participants space to share and reflect on the process of
applying lessons learned from the first training course in their environment. In this case, the participants identified
possible obstacles and brainstorm ideas how to overcome them. The second part was based on simulations of applying
media and social media tools. The simulation part gave space to directly experience several tools and have an opportunity
to work on their adjustments to local conditions of the participants. The aim of the last part was to increase knowledge of
the participants on Erasmus + Programme and encourage development of new project ideas in the Erasmus + field raising
capacities to use media and social media tools.
Representatives from Just do it – Poland, Youth Council Next Generation – Macedonia, Mladiinfo Montenegro, Youth Workers
Alliance Vranje, Mediateranea – Greece and Youth for society – Albania attended the training course where discussed
methods and exchanged ideas that will apply them to their local communities, so young workers and people with fewer
opportunities can grow up professionally and help them see the benefits of using social media.
During the week of the training course, the participants were working in a mixed national groups, where they had a session
for project writing and set up plans for future partnerships. They shared ideas about a specific topic a started with the
project writing.
In the end, they made plans for future collaborations and left Greece with nice memories and new friends.

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