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As a youth worker in the non-governmental sector, I often had the opportunity to be surrounded by people from different countries who share their culture, food and customs with the rest. For me, every Erasmus activity is an unforgettable experience and from every experience I succeed in learning something that I will apply at home in my country. Luka Tomkovic, Montenegro
I have never had an experience with the Erasmus project so far and in Serbia this week was an unforgettable experience full of beautiful moments and friendships. I learned more about other cultures and customs, learned new words from other countries and I tried different dishes. I am grateful for this opportunity, because in Albania in my city Skoder I do not have these opportunities.  Looking forward for the next activity. Kristijan Kola, Albania
My name is Dragana and I come from Veles, a small town in Macedonia. In my city we do not have enough opportunities to attend youth exchanges and trainings supported by the Erasmus plus program. Thanks to social media, I found out about the project and decided to join because I believe that the use of digital tools and access to Internet sites offering education courses are particularly important and necessary for every young person. I would definitely go to Erasmus plus activity again. Dragana Milcevska, Macedonia
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